Kickstarter - Bachelors Grove Comic Book Series

Haunting Tales of Bachelor's Grove -- first of 6 Comic Books
By Charles D. Moisant

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About this project

In the glorious tradition of EC Comics, Warren Publications, Skywald, and other fine purveyors of horror comics … We present THE HAUNTING TALES OF BACHELOR'S GROVE … a brand-new horror comic book where the stories have a connection to America's most haunted cemetery.

SCARIER STORIES because the stories are REAL!

We are raising the funds for issue one of the comic book right now. However, we hope to utilize the stretch goals as the catalyst for future issues.

WHAT is the COMIC BOOK ABOUT? Building on the foundation of many, many unexplainable tales, title creator CHARLES D. MOISANT ("The Craziest Man in Comics" and Silver Phoenix Entertainment's Creative Director) has conjured up a fertile field upon which the seeds of imagination fall. The Chicago-area cemetery is haunted and filled with demons, vampires, undead, monsters both land-bound and aquatic throughout history … but the horror mini-series revolves around three silent, omnipresent entities

THE CEMETERY – she is filled to bursting, pregnant with death and wishing to disgorge her foulness.

THE POND – she holds many secrets, to say nothing of numerous bodies from the days of the Chicago mob and earlier … and there's always room for one more.

THE HOUSE – he may look appear as a farmhouse or a brothel or a grass hut, but his intent is often far from benign. As you approach, he recedes from your view. But should you catch up to him and cross his portal, you will be judged in a nightmare.

sample art IT WILL BE IN COLOR! from Vagner Femandes

We will also feature the amazing adventures of real life Goth horror illusionist Master Ron Fitzgerald, Queen of the Paranormal Kadrolsha Ona, as well as other features such as The Horror Handymen and Lilith Jeger , the most gruesome anti-heroine you hope to never meet.

Have Ron Fitzgerald do a magic show in your area.

Ron in comic book FORM!

In our horror tales, if you are good, you may escape with your life (but not unscathed). But if you aren't … Heaven help you because Hell awaits you.

Kadrolsha Ona

Kadrolsha Ona Carole as a hero for good.

The BACKGROUND: Bachelor's Grove Cemetery – located in Midlothian, Illinois – has been around for over 150 years. However, due to changing traffic patterns and "progress," the cemetery hasn't had an interment there since 1989.

What was once a thriving burial place now holds less than two dozen headstones that still stand due to vandalism. Some of the bodies have even been dug up for reasons unknown. Rumors abound concerning covens and gang meetings at Bachelor's Grove Cemetery … but the most prevalent are the characters that roam the grounds at night.

Sightings have been documented of various phenomena at Bachelor's Grove Cemetery … ghostly Madonnas, slender men dressed in yellow, houses that retreat as they are approached … and there are even more tales that have yet to be disclosed. Many of these odd events are chronicled by numerous "ghost hunters" and students of the paranormal as well as unsuspecting innocents who wander too deeply into the darkness at the wrong time. However, a great many sightings occur in the presence of reporters and other trained observers who may or may not believe in the unknown. (For more information on Bachelor's Grove Cemetery, check out

Our GOALS: Work already commences on the comics. Current plans call for six issues of the regular comic book title, with the stretch goal of six more regular issues, two annuals and at least one Holiday-themed Special.

Advance buzz on the project has attracted interest from many creators, many of whom are new to comics as well as veterans. But we have scripts in hand from writers like novelists Brian K. Morris (Santastein, Bloodshot: The Coldest Warrior, The Original Skyman Battles the Master of Steam, the Vulcana contemporary fantasy series) and Kenny Sills (Tattoo: A Beautiful Sin) as well as comics writers Andrew E.C Gaska (20th Century Fox, Titan Books) Todd Black (Guardians, Home), Ash Maczko (Squarriors) David C. Hayes (Rottentail, Cannibal Fat Camp) and Sean Dulaney (F. Stein, Consulting Detective; Celebration Comics, Dreah) along with Chicago playwright Paul Barile, Japer Barks (Archie, Roller Derby Drama) Blair Gaunt (Indie Artist), J. H. Bográn (Firefall and Poisoned Tears), Lynette Eklund (Species, Jurassic Park) Michael Reidy (Rune Sword) Charles D. Moisant among others.

And our list of artists for the Bachelor's Grove mini-series include Steve Geiger (Marvel Comics, penthouse, DC, Valiant) Scott Rosema (Marvel, Warners, Valiant/Acclaim, Golden Books, Archie), Ashley Witter (Squarriors) , Juan Maestas (Lost Skies, Popular Comics) and Claudio Cordeiro (Celebration Comics), Cynthia Martin (Star Wars, DC, Marvel), Vagner Fernandes (Various Indies), Eva Ink Artist Group and more. Aljoša Tomić will be the lead colorist for the project.

Steve Geiger (Marvel Comics), Tom Kelly, (Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, various indie titles) Chris Achilleos (Heavy Metal, Doctor Who), Robert Proce (Fine Artist) (alternate cover by Vincent Proce (Magic the Gathering), Jeff Moy, (Marvel, DC) Alternate cover by Rob Moran (Marvel, DC, Various independents, Pui Chang (independent Fantasy artist.

In addition to paying for the printing, the creative team deserves to be financially rewarded for their hard work and dedication to making this comic book as exciting as it can be.

If your support exceeds our original goal, the extra will be shared among the creators in addition to offering more, and cooler, rewards for the investors.

This release will be supported by press releases to the fan press as well as the mainstream media (TV, newspapers, radio, internet, etc.) along with personal appearances at comic conventions and various public speaking engagements.

STRETCH GOALS We anticipate being able to solicit more Big Name Talent for our stories if we exceed our initial goals. With more artists working, the stories will be completed in a more timely manner which means you will receive an uninterrupted flow of glorious horror for months to come in addition to other comics from the Silver Phoenix vault as well as variant editions galore.

In CLOSING, I'm Charles D. Moisant, Creative Director for Silver Phoenix Entertainment. I am genuinely excited to do these horror comic books. We feel they are more intelligently written and more skillfully illustrated than most horror titles you'll see on the stands.

The enthusiasm of our writers and artists leaves me giddy. I'm delighted to convey our malicious tales without nudity, bad language, or excessive gore while not scrimping on the scariness. And with your help, I will ensure that you receive the BEST stories and art for your money (to say nothing of some really cool special goodies).

With YOUR support, we can make the kind of intelligent horror comic books you deserve. So join us in our tour of Bachelor's Grove Cemetery ... if you DARE!

Thank you for your attention and remember, you are loved.

Charles D. Moisant
Creative Director, Silver Phoenix Entertainment, LLC

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Round one goals for Issue one comic book of Haunting Tales of Bachelors's of Grove

Steve Geiger is doing the cover for issue two.

Risks and challenges

SUCCESS ROADBLOCKS NONE! The script are coming in, the artists are either working on stories or waiting in the wings, and the distribution network is rapidly coming together. All the pieces are falling into place for the initial release.

But for our long range goals, we need YOUR help. Some of the artists might delay working for us until our sales can warrant developing a "war chest" to pay them in advance. Gotta keep the pot boiling, you know.

But come what may, the comic will be printed and distributed. But this will occur sooner with YOUR help.