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Haunted Heartland

Haunted Heartland
© 1985, 1991 Beth Scott & Michael Norman - ISBN# 0446357251

Pages 4 to 5


At least two other Chicago-area cemeteries have occasioned peculiar events.

A "magic house" occasionally appears in a shroud-like mist on the rutted trail leading to the abandoned Bachelor Grove Cemetery, west of Crestwood in Rubio Woods Forest Preserve. The house floats into view only rarely. People who have seen the place describe the same scene: a porch swing sways gently on a large, wood-colonnaded front porch. The two-story house is vaguely Victorian with a faint glow of light seeping through heavily-curtained windows.

No house was ever known to have been built on that property. And no one has ever reported entering the home. At least, no one has ever left the house to report on its "occupants."

Bachelor Grove Cemetery also features a "ghost light." Eyewitnesses say a blue orb often bounces across the cemetery on clear, moonlit nights. Its origins are also unknown.

Tombstones in the weed-choked cemetery have also been rearranged on occasion. However, a coven of witches reportedly meets in the cemetery, and the vandalizing of the grave markers has been attributed to them.