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ILNA Coin Digest - Winter/Spring 1994

ILNA Coin Digest - Winter/Spring
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The Oak Forest Coin Club

Two Hundredth Consecutive Meeting Celebration

May 5, 1994 - Bremen Township Hall, Oak Forest, IL

The earliest known inhabitants of the Oak Forest area were Indians dating back to around 1680. Archaeological excavations in the area uncovered the existence of an Indian Village which was at the edge of a beach deposit of Lake Chicago, an ancestor of Lake Michigan during the glacial period. The Indian tribe is questionable but likely to be Illinois or Miami Indians.

The first known house in the area was a log cabin built by a “Mr. Cooper” after which the area became known as Coopers Grove. Cooper patronized the drovers taking their herds of cattle to Chicago. At the extremes of what is now Oak Forest were Goeselville and Bachelors Grove. Records do not indicate when settlers came here but it is believed to be in the early 1800’s. Goeselville by the late 1800’s had a Post Office and stores which carried dry goods, groceries, cloth material, farm implements, tombstones, and a saloon where one could satisfy the thirsts for liquor.

As Goeselville was growing, a group of single men brought tracts of land for $1.25 an acre just to the east. This area became known as Bachelors Grove. In Bachelors Grove Cemetery, the earliest readable tombstone is 1823. Some findings there include a 1774 King George III Half Pence and a 1817 US Coronet Cent. This cemetery, known for its sightings of ghosts and para-normal exhibits, has been the subject of many books and several television shows.