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The Doane Family And Their Descendants

Doane, Alfred Adler - 1855-1915


Page 272

The first four years after his marriage he spent in Lowell and Boston, Mass., and in Albany and Buffalo, N.Y., following the business of an architect and builder. Still burning with a spirit for western adventure, in 1834 he took his family consisting of wife and four children, to what was then called Fort Dearborn, now Chicago, Ill. This was then only an Indian trading fort, but with the grit of a true frontiersman he went to work and out of the forest primeval secured logs with which he built one, among the first dwelling houses in Chicago. Becoming more favorably impressed with his surroundings, he lay claim to a quarter section of government land, which is now in the heart of Chicago. Soon a settlement developed and the city by the lakes began to grow. For the next four or five years at the Fort and at Bachelors Grove, a small settlement some sixteen miles distant, he continued the work of a mechanic.