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The First Hundred Years - 1835 To 1935 - Historical Review Of Blue Island Illinois

The First Hundred Years - 1835 To 1935 - Historical Review Of Blue Island Illinois

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Stephen H. Rexford, who had come to Chicago in 1834, visited the Blue Island ridge that year but decided to locate at Bachelor's Grove (Orland), where a number of other unmarried English-speaking young men had already settled. It was this fact which gave the locality the name "Bachelors Grove." He lived there until 1845, when he located permanently in Blue Island. Mr Rexford was born May 4, 1804, and dies in Blue Island, October 7, 1880. He was married twice. His first wife was Susan Wattles, a daughter of Chandler Wattles. Their children were: Stephen, Julia Ellen, who became the wife of Charles A. Bellamy, and Susan Eliza, married John W. Waughop. Stephen Rexford's second wife was Elvira R. Barber, a widow. The children of this union were Louis A., who married Minnie S. Swan; Fannie I., married to John Clark; Mary C., married to Joseph Eames, and Henry L., who became a prominent attorney in Chicago. Stephen Rexford was postmaster here in the late 40's. Rexford's Crossing at Midlothian is named after this family which once lived near here.

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BENJAMIN COOL., located at Bachelors Grove in 1844, on a farm, later moving to Blue Island. His wife was Jane Nobles. Their children were: Nelson, who married Mary Curtis Forrest; B. Frank., married Elizabeth Ann Forrest, a cousin of Mary Curtis; Julia, married Frederisk Ferrers; Harriet, married Lorenzo Burville; Edwin W., married Antonia Tedlicka; Carrie died in youth. Mrs. Cool died in 1874 and Mr. Cool December 31, 1896.