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Lot 39 - John Law - Mary Fulton - Hamilton Fulton

The following was extracted from Where The Trails Cross - Volume 26:1 Fall of 1995
By Brad L. Bettenhausen

 Lot  Original Plat Map Notations  Name and/or Marker Information  Other Comments
39  J. {John} Law

{Note: photocopy of cemetery plat at Cook County notes that lot was transferred from McKeey to J. Law}
 Hamilton & Mary Fulton

Per undated map at Midlothian Library

Mention in "Pioneers In Peaceful Rest" Hamilton Fulton, Died 1876, Age:54 Mary Fulton, Died: 1896 wife of Hamilton Fulton parents of Joseph Fulton {who gave cemetery tour in newspaper article} Hamilton was a brother of John Fulton Sr. "These Fultons settled on an 80 acre farm in Bremen township in 1847."

Stone(s) gone by May 14, 1994