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Lot 58 - Thomas W. Moss - Isabella Moss

The following was extracted from Where The Trails Cross - Volume 26:1 Fall of 1995
By Brad L. Bettenhausen

 Lot  Original Plat Map Notations  Name and/or Marker Information  Other Comments
58   T. {Thomas} Moss  Thomas W. Moss February 11,1811 - March 11, 1885

Isabella Moss Died: March 27, 1848 Age: 29y

White marble base only- gray granite stone moved to Tinley park Historical Society. Stone read by Bremen HS.

Per undated map at Midlothian Library {nee Crumlich; 1st wife of TW Moss}

Headstone relocated to the Tinley Park Historical Society to prevent further vandalism.

Image below provided by Dale Kaczmarek of the Ghost Research Society

The following was extracted from the Encyclopedia of EarlyChicago.com

Moss, Thomas William (Feb. 17, 1811-March 11, 1885) married Isabella Crumlick on April 4, 1835 (d. March 27, 1848); their sixth of seven children, daughter Isabella married [see] Charles Baxter Lane. Following his wife`s death Moss married Sarah McGettigen in 1850, and Anna Turney in 1853, with whom he had seven children; he and his wife Isabella were buried in Bachelors Grove Cemetery with other family members; vandalized, the stones were removed by a Moss descendant in 1988 to Landmark Church, the Tinley Park Historical Society`s museum. [387a]

The following was extracted from the Bibliography of EarlyChicago.com

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Source: Schapper, Ferdinand. Southern Cook County Before the Civil War · Early Settlers and Their Families, Vol. II. Chicago, 1917.