Directions To Bachelors Grove Cemetery

From the confusion as to the exact location of Bachelors Grove cemetery, directions are being given so that everyone can have the privilege of seeing one of the most important pieces of history here in Illinois. Some thought that it was located at the Bachelors Grove Forest Preserve at 143rd Street and Oak Park Avenue. Its actual location is southwest of the Rubio Woods Forest Preserve entrance on 143rd Street, just east of Ridgeland Avenue.

You can find the entrance to the main path leading to the cemetery across from this preserve. The Rubio Woods parking lot is where you can park your car to make your journey out there. As of 2011 the wooded area surrounding the cemetery is now being called Everdon Woods. You can also find a small sign posted at the entrance to the main path.

Please, do not attempt to park your car anywhere else except for a Forest Preserve District parking lot! The families that live in the neighborhood near the Grove do not appreciate it when others park in their driveway (yes, this has been done) and the residential area around Bachelors Grove cemetery is off limits to parking on the streets. You will get ticketed and towed.

Another area off limits to parking are the little “driveways” next to the cellular phone towers across the street. They are not a part of the Forest Preserve District and you can expect trouble if you park there. Also, do not attempt to ask the owners of the house next to the towers for permission to park on their property at night. You have been warned...

Remember, since the cemetery is located within the Forest Preserve District you must keep in mind that the forest preserves are closed at sunset. Because of the long history of vandalism, late night drinking parties (often the source of the vandalism), and other problems occurring at the cemetery, the Forest Preserve, local, County, and State Police typically have little patience with individuals found in the cemetery after sunset. They can, and often do, issue tickets and fines. If you must break the law and go back there at night, please do not do to the cemetery what many have already done. Break the cycle of abuse and do not let the only piece of history left of Bachelors Grove go to even more shambles. 



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