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Voices From The Chicago Grave

Voices From The Chicago Grave
© 2001 Scott Markus & Mary Czerwinski -
Guest: Pete Crapia

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Bachelor's Grove Cemetery

It is believed that Bachelor's Grove Cemetery is one of the most haunted areas in Chicago, and possibly the world. After severe vandalism took place in the 1970's the location was deemed haunted. Over the past three decades several different people claim to have seen a "phantom house" in and near the cemetery. Though there is no record of a house ever existing on the location. There are several reports of a bright blue orb, red streak, and white flashes all around the cemetery that flash night and day.

Actual reported ghosts include a woman who walks around the woods holding a baby, and a two headed man who rises out of the pond. There are also hooded persons who stand silently before vanishing. Some have reported seeing men dressed in 1920's attire, possibly linked to reports of bodies being dumped in the pond during that era. There are also the ghosts of a farmer and his horse who drown in the pond. Other occurrences include cold spots, psychic feelings, and being touched by invisible hands. Photographs of the cemetery and surrounding woods often result in explainable prints.

Scott Markus interviews Pete Crapia