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Geocache 05

This geocache was hosted by

It was never listed through due to outdated proximity regulations set in their terms. It was then listed on as the only source in order to find it. Geocache went missing and was later discovered.

Location: Illinois, United States

Corp Of Discovery performed maintenance for NoLemon's 1000th (Traditional Cache) at 11/14/2006

Log Date: 11/14/2006 Due to the log from November 12th I thought it might be wise to do a cache check up. All is fine with the cache but I did find what Itz06 did. It is indeed a geocache with an official sticker and everything and was only about 10-15' away. I removed it so there would be no confusion in the future. If anyone knows whose it is please contact me.

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Hello, I am the owner of the "mystery cache" found out at Bachelors Grove cemetery. I always wondered what happened to this cache..... There is another one exactly like it nearby as well. These caches were never a part of but were listed on my website:

If there is a way that I can get this cache back in my hands I would GREATLY appreciate it. I don't plan on putting it back out there but it would be very cool to get it back. If I mail you a box with return postage could you send it to me? Or if you live close by could I pick it up some place? Thank you for taking care of the cache. I look forward to your response!


Hey there. I was going to contact you on the off chance it was yours (based upon the papers/maps inside). I'm sorry about removing it but as you see there was a bit of confusion. Just looked at the 2 caches you have posted and someone must have moved it a bit as it was really close to mine. There is a log of 2 in it other than Itz06s BTW, recent ones too. I have the complete cache and have no problem returning it to you. I live locally too (Blue Island). We could meet someplace good for both of us. Paul.