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October 13, 2007 - September 16th Results

October 13, 2007 - September 16th Results

The turn out for the September 16th clean up was a success. A lot of garbage was removed and everyone had a wonderful time meeting each other.

No more than a couple of weeks after the event the Forest Preserve District came out to remove the fallen trees on the main path leading to the cemetery. The Forest Preserve District also did some removal of weeds along the path which not only makes the area look nice but also gives visitors more room as they make their journey toward the cemetery. The main entrance to the path was taken care of as well and it looks better than it has in at least 10 years.

A special thank you goes out to the volunteers that showed up to help ensure a great success! But lets not forget the Real Estate Management Office of Cook County for their assistance. Without them, as well as their friends of the Forest Preserve District, we would all have a much harder time bringing back peace and harmony to the area.