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April 25, 2011 - April 23rd Results

April 25, 2011 - April 23rd Results

It turned out to be a beautiful day to perform another fun-filled Spring clean-up. As all of the volunteers eagerly waited for everyone to arrive, the clock was counting down for the headstone recovery effort at the nearby pond. Due to all of the fantastic assistance we are pleased to announce that the recovery was a complete success! With the recovery time falling under ten minutes everyone had a chance to relax in pride and enjoy the rest of the day in conversation.

Thanks to a wonderful monetary donation from Sylvia Moody of California, hip waders were able to be purchased in order to ensure a fast, safe, dry recovery. There are many more items to be recovered from the pond and only time will tell if more headstones will be on the list. But one thing is certain, those hip waders will come in very handy during those mud-sinking adventures.

If you too would like to help offset the monetary obligations endured by the restoration efforts please feel free to use our donation area found on the left-hand side of the website. Simply purchasing the Trail Map is a great way to help while receiving something extra in return. If enough money is raised from the maps we can also afford to develop a depth chart of the entire pond which could be available by next year. Rest assured that every penny makes an absolute difference in all aspects of the Bachelors Grove experience.

We are looking forward to fishing out a very large mysterious item that has been spotted in the pond over the years and we will keep you posted as to when that event will take place. In the meantime, you can view a preliminary video of the headstone recovery effort on YouTube in high-definition or in lower resolution by using the player below. Hopefully we will have all of the material recorded that day for a more complete video but for now enjoy the show!

Complete video below.