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September 4th 2011 Results

September 4th 2011 Results

The efforts for September 4th were a success. Over a dozen volunteers assisted with the removal of Buckthorn and other invasive brush between the pond and cemetery. Along with helping to fulfill Community Service hours for High School students, it was also an honor to have Lawrence Varkalis, President of the Midwest Cemetery Preservation, available to lend a helping hand. There were a lot of new volunteers, some of which also made this their very first visit to Bachelors Grove cemetery.

The holiday weekend created a lot of casual visits to the area. As brush was being removed and placed into a large pile to be disposed of later, many of the visitors stopped by to see the positive results in action. Some have gained an interest in the activities and we look forward to many more new volunteers in the future. Bill Fath of the Bachelors Grove Prairie team also spoke with some of the visitors on the importance of ecological restoration and as always we are proud to be a part of his own efforts in restoring a portion of the old Bachelors Grove settlement.

Volunteer Kathy Baltz was once again available to help capture photographs of the event. If you would like to see some of her work you may visit our Facebook page for details. Although the live video streaming had a minor technical difficulty we are currently working on resolving the issue. On a more positive note, we received an additional monetary donation from volunteer Charles Petrey which has brought us near completion of our yearly goal. If you would also like to help reach our goal we currently have a limited number of Topps Allen & Ginter's Bachelors Grove Cemetery Cards available for purchase.

The photograph to the right shows a before and after shot of the work performed on the 4th. Comparing it to some of the scenic photographs found in the Archives this area hasn't looked this good in over 30 years. Great job everyone!!