Telephone Feedback Line

The Grove Restoration Project once used a telephone feedback line for gathering public input as well as notifying volunteers on the status of current events. The feedback line was retired shortly after the GRP retired its operations in 2014.

The first feedback line of 708-430-8588 started in 2001 and was advertised on a Time Warner Cable company channel. The phone number eventually changed to 708-978-1234 and used the same service network F.E.M.A. used as a backup answering service.

Fun Historical Facts: The blue screen text image is what Time Warner Cable broadcast on its network. After a tour given to a coordinator of the GRP to the Public Access studio it was revealed that the text and image was generated using an Apple II Series computer.

Google History: During the history of both phone numbers Google added them as the primary phone number to call when looking up Bachelors Grove cemetery on the Internet. Today, the number has been appropriately changed to the Tinley Park Historical Society. At times, however, a ghost tour company in Chicago likes to sneak in and make changes to this listed number which serves to show that they are corrupt and are only looking to make money off of the cemetery.

The following are recordings that were used on the feedback line.

Outgoing Mesasages