An Excursion To Bachelor's Grove Cemetery

An Excursion To Bachelor's Grove Cemetery
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November 15, 2012

Our thanks to Grundy County Representative, Ike Widner, for writing and submitting the following account of a Halloween-season excursion taken recently by Association members to Bachelor's Grove Cemetery.

On October 27th, 2012, members of the Route 66 Association took a ride up to Bachelor's Grove Cemetery around 2:30 pm. The day was crisp and the sun was shining with some clouds over the horizon. The park was filled with many spectators walking to the cemetery to see if one could see a ghost or an impression of any figure that lay in the distance or any orbs of colors that filled the air. As we approached the cemetery with our group, we noticed many other thrill-seekers and adventurers out as well. Reaching the point of the entrance many people were walking around the cemetery, looking at the ruins that laid under their feet, hoping that an apparation would appear to them.

Our group entered the forbidden cemetery with our cameras at the ready to snap the first ghost that appeared. Many felt the coolness of the air and the thickness that surrounded them as they came closer to some of the unforgotten people who were buried there a long time ago. Our group was asked to to be quiet because a film crew was there taping for a show.

I have a speech on what I knew about the place. Back in the 1800's several men who were not married called this place Bachelor's Grove when they settled in the area to start farming the nearby land. A white fence had been erected several yards away from the cemetery and the pond that skirts the new rebuilt road. Many of the men were from German descendants. A piece of the parcel that was laid out came to be known as Bachelor's Grove Cemetery, one of the most haunted cemeteries in the Chicagoland area. The farm and the surrounding fence are long gone; desecrated tombstones remain, leaving many graves unmarked. At one time the road known as Mitholoian was the name of the road that came within feet of the cemetery. Now the ruins of the road are just a memory of the past. Some say that Al Copone came and dropped bodies in the pond along with headstones...

Later, the film crew interviewed me about my knowledge of the cemetery. It was being fun on camera and talking with the person who was interviewing me. It will later be put into a show that will air in the latter part of 2013.

As our adventure at the cemetery came to a close, we were all invited back to the home of John and Kathy Miller to celebrate 39 years of marriage. Kathy and Johnny served a wonderful chili dinner to us all. What a delightful joy to be with family and friends. May we all wish the Miller's a wonderful Happy 39th Anniversary.