Bachelor's Grove
May 2, 2020

Bachelor’s Grove blog

This happened well over a decade ago…

My spiritual sister Patti and I decided to visit Bachelor’s Grove one day. I forget why we decided to go there, but this I know, I haven’t returned since.

We were walking down the path to the cemetery, and were about forty feet from the entrance, when we heard a heavy wooden door creak open. Believe me when I tell you, there were no visual doors where that sound came from. My sister and I jumped so high. We looked at each other and decided “That was creepy.” 

Bachelor’s Grove has an ambience about it. It’s surrounded by a wire fence, and there’s a body of water on one side. Many of the grave markers are so worn from the weather and elements, that’s it’s difficult to read some of the inscriptions. Some of the graves looked like they had been desecrated long before I had been born. 

We walked into the cemetery. It looked like there had been irreverent visitors since the last time I had visited it. Some of the grave stones looked as if someone had done rituals on them. There were broken beer bottles, remnants of candles, and trash all about.  

There’s an eerie silence in that cemetery. It’s as if the earth is holding its breath. 

Some of the grave sites are more vocal than others. There’s one in particular that I always hear the faint sounds of a woman sobbing. Anyone who is a sensitive will feel many presences and portals within the cemetery.

I was drawn to a corner of the cemetery a large tree had fallen on. I surmised that it must have happened during a storm. Many of the gravestones underneath it had been crushed. I felt as if I was being called there, not just out of curiosity, but by something other worldly. So, I checked it out… Something wasn’t right there - energy wise, which made me move quickly in the opposite direction. That’s when I felt this malevolent force grab me from behind and start to drag me backwards. It was one of those moments when I was screaming with all my might, but nothing was coming out.

I had no control and I’m no lightweight. My feet weren’t moving, but my flipflops were leaving skid marks where I was being dragged! Whatever it was, held me in a vice grip. It didn’t want me to leave. A sinister male’s voice whispered in my ear, “Stay with us.” 

“Oh shit!” I called for my sister’s assistance! In vain, she tried to pull me forward, but this entity was pulling me backwards. I clung to her for dear life. No matter how hard she pulled me towards her direction, the entity pulled even harder in the opposite direction.

Patti reached under her bra, and whipped out her bag of “Chi-Chi Stones”! She waved them around me yelling, “Let go of her!!!” It was a battle indeed. Whatever it was didn’t want to let me go. It wanted me to stay – FOREVER…

Patti is a Warrior Guardian God/dess, and has been called to stand by my side and protect me in many lifetimes. Thank goodness she was there! She kept waving those “Chi-Chi Stones”, swearing up a storm the whole time. With all her strength, she dragged me towards the entrance like we were in a game of supernatural tug-a-war. “Sister!!!” She yelled, “I got you Sister!!!” She was sweating and so was I! Like a rubber band that snapped whatever it was let me go. I fell forward into her arms. 

Those of you that know me, know I am not a runner or a lightweight, but let me tell you something, I wobbled out of there as fast my short little legs could go, holding on to Patti the entire time. 

The weird thing was, as soon as we cleared the cemetery entrance, that same door we heard eerily creak open, slammed loudly shut! Loud enough to stop us in our tracks. My sister’s eyes were so big and frightened when she said, “What the fuck was that?! Did you hear that?!” I looked at her and said, “Patti, if you hear a spooky ass door slam shut after you’ve left a cemetery, DO NOT STOP. DO NOT TURN AROUND and check it out. Keep going!!!” And we did.

Many Blessings,


(”Chi-Chi Stones” are a bag of very special crystals and stones we tuck in our bras for protection, empowerment, et cetera.)