Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery

Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery
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October 12, 2008

Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery is an old, abandoned cemetery in Midlothian, Illinois. There have been over one hundred encounters in this cemetery including unexplained sounds, sights, apparitions and glowing ball of lights. The cemetery has not been used for over twenty years but is still a paranormal hot-spot for most ghost chasers. The cemetery was in use from 1844-1989.

There have been rumors that during the 1970s, the cemetery had been home to many satanic and occult groups who vandalized the cemetery and even stole tombstones. One of the strangest sightings is a phantom white farmhouse. Many people have seen this farmhouse in several different places along the trail in the cemetery. Just in the cemetery, there lies a lagoon which is believed to have been the dumping place for many Chicago gangsters to those who crossed them. Near this area, many have seen a farmer with a horse-drawn wagon and even a two-headed monster. Other types of apparitions that have been encountered are monk’s dressed in robes and a man with a yellow glow.

The famous ghost picture of the “White Lady” was also taken in this cemetery. The photo is the one above this article.

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