Bachelor's Grove Cemetery

Bachelor's Grove Cemetery
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Bachelor's Grove Cemetery is one of Chicago's most haunted sites, with more than 100 reports of numerous and different paranornal phenomena occuring there.

Due to gangster's dumping bodies in a lagoon and supposed animal sacrifices among other theories, little of the strange phenomena reported there seems connected to known historical fact. It is said that the cemetery has been inactive since 1965, however, there are markers from the 1980's.

Many apparitions are seen emerging from the lagoon, including one of a farmer, his horse and plow. Legend has it that in 1870 a farmer was plowing land around the lagoon when his horse suddenly bolted into the water; both man and animal were drowned. Another apparition seen emerging from the lagoon is that of a two headed man.

A phantom farmhouse mysteriously appears and disappears in different locations. Anyone attempting to approach the house sees it shrink and then vanish. It is interesting to note that there is no historical records of such a farmhouse, yet reports of it date back to the 1950s.

The most famous ghost is the "White Lady" and "Madonna of Bachelor's Grove". The latter, who sometimes carries a baby in her arms, is seen only on nights of the full moon. When she doesn't have the baby it is said she is looking for the baby.

Ghost lights- bobbing, elusive blobs of bluish light- weave about the cemetery, and red skyrocket like lights streak through the air.

Ghost cars have appeared on what was once the road to the cemetery, as well as the Midlothian turnpike nearby. Some people say they have swerved to avoid hitting the cars, while others say they actually passed through them. The cars have also vanished within plain sight. Faces in the mist have been reported, as well as a face that formed on a tombstone and then vanished.

Other phenomena include sensations of unusual cold, the awareness of an invisible presence that causes discomfort and the tactile sensation of sweaty but invisible hands upon the skin. In 1982 a psychic went to Bachelor's Grove to learn more about the phenomena. She claimed to make contact with a number of ghosts there, who, she said, were frustrated because they were unable to leave the confines of the cemetery until a certain, but unspecified amount of time had passed.