Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery A Legend

Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery A Legend
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October 26, 2011

ARTICLE CORRECTION/NOTATION: Pete Crapia is not an official member of the Tinley Park Historical Society.

The gravestones date back to the 1800s and there are about 200 people buried in one of the most haunted cemeteries in America. Bachelor’s Grove is said to be home for many spirits. The cemetery is about 45 minutes away, located in Midlothian, Ill. is said to be named after the Batchelder family, who are known to have been living in Rich Township in 1845.

If visiting, cars need to be parked in the Rubio Woods Forest Preserve. The cemetery is across the street, where the old Midlothian Turnpike was accessible to vehicle traffic until the 1960s. Now, it is just a trail that has plants growing over it. In the 1970s, teenagers took over. Many of the tombstones have been vandalized, broken, defaced, spray painted and stolen. Some believe that many of the stones that are missing are at the bottom of the neighboring pond. The once peaceful place is now a place for rituals and attempts of opening the graves.

Upon visiting this haunted cemetery, looking for the legends that have been told is a must. One of the most famous legends is the disappearing white house. The house is said to appear in the woods and be unreachable. After trying to get close to it, it eventually disappears. There are other reports of a ghost car that races down the gravel road that is not accessible to vehicles anymore. Bachelor’s Grove was said to be a dumping ground for mob killings at one time.

“As far as the classic legends are concerned, I’ve experienced a phantom car and a humanoid apparition,” Member of Tinley Park Historical Society Pete Crapia said.

Crapia has visited this cemetery over 2,000 times since 1996. He has experienced many odd events.

Visiting this cemetery is nothing out of the ordinary. Nothing of the ghost nature is happening. There are pictures taken nonstop. Of every remaining grave, of the woods, of the fence and some of the stream outside of the fence area in hope of finding the mysterious white house or a ghost. After many days of reviewing the pictures over and over again. There were discoveries in a few pictures of people. In the photos there are figures of people, either to the side or at the end. Some are out of proportion and some are blurry or hidden behind leaves at the end of a stream. Although, we did not experience anything while we were there, there is evidence that we were not alone.

If experiencing paranormals happenings is an interest, visit Bachelor’s Grove. Do not forget your camera and be ready to find something in the photos taken, because no one is ever alone.