Bachelor's Grove Cemetery, Visiting A Legend

Bachelor's Grove Cemetery, Visiting A Legend
Apr 6, 2010, 11:43 PM
Larry Eissler

The investigation was in the middle of March, a PAST hosted investigation to the legendary Bachelor's Grove cemetery off the old Midlothian Turnpike in Midlothian, IL. It is along this deserted road where strange tales of the cemetery take place. One of these odd occurrences is the sighting of the "phantom farm house". It has been seen appearing and disappearing along the trail for several decades now. Known only to those who know where to look, there are multiple building foundations scattered around the woods suggesting at one point there used to be a village around the original turnpike.

The house has been reported in all weather conditions, both in the daytime and at night. There is no historical record of such a house existing here but the descriptions of it rarely vary. Each person claims it to be an old frame farm house with two-stories, painted white, with wooden posts, a porch swing and a welcoming light that burns softly in the window. On this trip, like many trips before this one, the house wouldn't make an appearance. It has been a long time since anyone has mentioned this phantom house, which leads one to think that maybe the rumor of this house was just that, a rumor.

Also from this stretch of trail come reports of "ghost lights". One such light that has been reported many times is a red, white, or blue, beacon-like orb that has been seen flying rapidly up and down the trail to the cemetery and in the cemetery. The light is so bright, and moves so fast, that it is impossible to tell what it really looks like. Most witnesses state that they have seen a "red streak" that is left in its wake. Although none of these lights were seen during the day on this investigation, it is much easier to see them at night (Not recommended!).

There have also have been many sightings of ghosts and apparitions within Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery itself. The most frequently reported spirit, though, is known by a variety of names from the "Madonna of Bachelor’s Grove" to the "White Lady" to the affectionate name of "Mrs. Rogers". Legend has it that she is the ghost of a woman who was buried in the cemetery next to the grave of her young child. She is reported to wander the cemetery on nights of the full moon with an infant wrapped in her arms. She appears to walk aimlessly, with no apparent direction and completely unaware of the people who claim to encounter her. There is no real evidence to say who this woman might be but, over the years, she has taken her place as one of the many spirits of this haunted burial ground. The investigation wouldn't provide any pictures of the white lady, but personal experiences vary from female whispers, that creepy "watched" feeling, and movement out of the corner of your eye.

Leaving the cemetery after somewhat of an uneventful afternoon, the group headed to the hidden foundations. Weird noises, uneasy feelings, and random words being spoken from the Ghost Radar iPhone app started immediately. Halfway through the nature walk through the foundations, it seemed that everything stopped and became somewhat silent and peaceful. Sadly, this silence would continue until we left the grounds. This cemetery has ups and down, you might walk in and capture the greatest photo of all time and the next time barely get a murmur.

One creepy recent story that always amazes anyone who reads it: In 2006, Ken Melvoin-Berg, Weird Chicago’s own psychic detective, accompanied a reporter from the Chicago Tribune to the old graveyard and encountered the spirit of a young boy. Soon after arriving at the cemetery, Ken heard a child’s voice crying to him, telling him that he had lost something. A few moments later, Ken understood that it was money. According to the reporter, Ken appeared “to lose it himself” and he staggered out of the cemetery toward the adjacent, algae-filled pond. Wading into the murky water, Ken stopped, bent down, stuck his shaking hands into the muck, and pulled out a 1942 Walking Liberty half-dollar coin – exactly where the ghostly boy told him that it could be found.

Our suggestion is to visit this cemetery frequently for the greatest chance of capturing any evidence. Should you go in at night, the Midlothian Police will ticket you with a $25 ticket (nonnegotiable for first time offenders) and the ticket prices will only get worse.