Bachelors Grove Cemetery

Bachelors Grove Cemetery
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November 02, 2010

Recently I was asked to speak at the Illinois MUFON State Meeting at Starved Rock State Park. After giving my presentation I was introduced to John Stephenson who stated that my talk had made him think about some of the activity and things he was finding at Bachelors Grove Cemetery, which is part of the Forest Preserve District of Cook County, Illinois. John’s website is found at Bachelors

The trail leading into the abandoned Bachelors Cemetery, Chicago metro area.

According to John’s excellent website –
“Bachelors Grove Cemetery is well known as one of the most haunted places in all of Chicagoland. This small desecrated graveyard has more unexplained paranormal activities than any other cemetery worldwide.”

Some of the activity John mentioned was -
Bent over trees
Feelings of being watched
Large nuts or acorns being thrown at witnesses.
Large pyramid structures
Logs being thrown at witnesses.
Logs blocking trails
Tree Twists
Unknown footfalls
Weird, freaky smells

John Stephenson standing underneith a very large pyramid structure.

Another picture of the pyramid structure showing its large size.

One of many arched-over trees.

On-site interview with John Stephenson.

Click here to listen to the interview: Cemeteries and Squatches, Pt. 3

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Possible Howl Recorded

While we were in the middle of the cemetery John was explaining its history to me when several sirens went off. A few seconds later this loud siren type howl started across the four lane road and in the woods up a hill on the other side. Time 10:00 a.m. I wish I would have had my parabolic microphone on it.

I only had my little Sony M-10 (monitoring recorder) running at the time. Not a very good recording, I had to crank up the gain on the first part. But it is the best I could do. Excited was not enough to express how I felt when I realized what it was. It howled three times and then was quiet.

Click here to listen to the sound clip: Bachelors Grove Possible Howl

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