Black Hen Planchette

October 2017
Original published date unknown

Illinois, 1995

Donor Wishes to Remain Anonymous

In the early 90s, a group of kids snuck into Illinois’ infamous Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery for a late night Ouija board session. After an attempt to “speak to the dead mobsters in the pond”, the board refused to spell anything but the words “BLACK HEN”.

According to its owner, the board began to catch fire, frightening the young spirit summoners away. When she returned the following day, the remains were scooped up and returned home, only to find that no matter how many times the charred board went into the trash, it seemed to find its way out.

Soon nosebleeds, an infestation of flies, shadowy figures, and more general weirdness marked a menacing change in the house, and eventually a “deliverance” was performed. In the end, the strange activity stopped and the object was bound and buried in the back yard.

Fortunately for us, over two decades later the former owner decided to dig up the planchette and send it in. We’re not saying that it’s definitely haunted, but late at night, we can swear we’ve heard it slide around in its case.

October 12, 2017