Cemeteries, Settlements And A Dragon Fly

Cemeteries, Settlements And A Dragon Fly
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July 9, 2012

Yesterday, one of the Facebook groups I am involved in, Chicago History – The Stranger Side (which is run by retired detective Ray Johnson) got together and had lunch at the Wolf Head Restaurant and then moved on to the Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery for a tour of the supposed haunted cemetery and the surrounding settlement area, by Pete Crapia.

Pete seems to know the families as if they were his own. I spent some time discussing the Deck family with him because there were 3 deaths in the same year. Before I even finished my question, he replied 2 car accidents and 1 of natural causes. WOW, that is really knowing your information. It is obvious that Pete has a passion for the Grove cemetery and the settlement area that surrounds it. I truly hope that one day they will have some sort of visitors center with artifacts from the area and general information for those that are interested in the history.

I spent some time on Family Search locating the death records to just see if he had all the information correct (sorry, it’s the genealogist in me).

  1. Mary Deck – She died from organic heart disease.
  2. Joseph Niklas – He died from shock of internal injuries cause by accident on 22 July 1921.
  3. Jennie Niklas (daughter of Mary Deck) – She died from shock of internal injuries cause by accident on 22 July 1921.

Well, Pete got the facts correct. I am very impressed with his knowledge of the families that are here and I foresee great things in the future for Bachelors Grove due to the dedication of Pete and others like him.

The reason I wanted to write about this trip is to share a photo that I was able to take. I have tried for a while to catch a picture of any sort of insect either flying or while sitting on a leaf and I was happy to be able to mark that off my list.