Chicagoland Ghost Tour Visits Haunted Places Year Round

Chicagoland Ghost Tour Visits Haunted Places Year Round
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May 15, 2011

ARTICLE CORRECTION/NOTATION: The special permit mentioned about Bachelors Grove cemetery is incorrect.

A Chicago paranormal research group provides fascinating tours of over 200 haunted places in Chicago throughout the year. According to Dale Kaczmarek of Ghost Research Society ,

“Our tour is designed for entertainment purposes, but it is steeped in the history behind the locations. We extensively research and validate all the information for authenticity and accurate historical facts.”
Dale Kaczmarek is the ideal tour guide for haunted places as he is well versed in the science of paranormal research, having studied the field since 1975. He is the author of " Windy City Ghosts" and "Windy City Ghosts II" which are about strange and unusual sightings around Chicago. Dale also teaches an online course in ghost hunting techniques at the International Metaphysical University.

Chicago is a smorgasbord of haunted places

One favorite stop on the tour is the haunted totem pole. The original totem pole was dedicated in 1929. Tourists often took pictures of it, and when one man snapped a photo, one of the four carved figures of the men who ride the killer whale on the totem pole had the arms in a different position, as if it had come to life. This photo appeared in the Sun Times where there was a running commentary about this anomaly. The original totem pole was eventually replaced with a new, identical one, yet at certain times, a mysterious mist-like fog is seen around it.

Another unique stop is the infamous haunted Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery where the group has a special permit to take busloads of visitors. A typical tour will then stop afterward at the haunted restaurant called “The Irish Legend,” an old brothel and speakeasy.

A brief list of other haunted places visited

Resurrection Cemetery
Biograph Theater
Marshall Field
Ft. Dearborn
Haunted Archer Ave.
Asbury Coffeehouse
St. James Church & Cemetery
Site of St. Valentine’s Massacre (Al Capone)
Robinson Woods Indian Burial Grounds
Cemeteries, such as Rose Hill and Graceland

The group uses different vehicles to suit the number of people on each tour. They have a 15-passenger van, a mini-bus for 22-36 persons and a large 57-person motor coach.

The tours change every year. Spring and summer, they concentrate on the Chicago South Side. Then they flip-flop in fall and winter, and visit North Side locations. Theme tours of individual choice may also be selected on their website . Halloween tours are different each year.

Tours leave from Chicago Ridge, Illinois, at the Westfield Mall next to the Bank of America in the Sears parking lot. For more information or to book a tour online, visit their website at