Ghostly Games: Jeopardy Edition!

Ghostly Games: Jeopardy Edition!
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March 12, 2012

Welcome to “Ghostly Games”: Jeopardy! Each month throughout 2012, we will feature three categories that will test your knowledge of the strange and unusual in Illinois, or of the paranormal generally. Play along at home and remember to phrase your answers in the form of a question! Answers will be shown at the bottom of next month’s categories.

Haunted Places

100 – This all-female dormitory is rumored to be haunted by the ghost of its former matron, Mary Hawkins.
200 – This central Illinois hill shares the name of a ghost town and is home to a variety of strange phenomenon.
300 – “Hartford Castle” is the colloquial name for this mansion that now lies in ruins across the Mississippi River from St. Louis.

Infamous Crimes

100 – These two sisters disappeared on their way home from an Elvis Presley movie in the winter of 1957, only to be found along the side of German Church Road.
200 – Clarence Darrow defended these two wealthy young men who sought to get away with the “perfect crime."
300 – This killing spree was named after the interstate along which it took place.

Famous Ghosts

100 – This teary-eyed specter was captured on film at southwest suburban Chicago’s most infamous graveyard.
200 – This unfortunate phantom searches a Marshall County cemetery for her missing appendage.
300 – The ghost of this monk still watches over his students at one Catholic academy in the Illinois Valley.

© 2012 Michael Kleen -
April 9, 2012

Answers to last month’s categories:

Haunted Places: What is Pemberton Hall, What is Williamsburg Hill, What is Lakeview.

Infamous Crimes: Who is Barbara and Patricia Grimes, Who is Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb, What is the I-57 Murders

Famous Ghosts: Who is the Madonna of Bachelor’s Grove, Who is the Headless Lady of Cumberland Cemetery, Who is Brother Otto.