Great Places For Adventure Travel In The US

Great Places For Adventure Travel In The US
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November 25, 2009

Not everyone enjoys a good scare, but if you enjoy looking for ghosts, the unexplained and the supernatural, look no further then these famous cities that offer just a little more then their wonderful hospitality.

Savannah, Georgia

Not everyone is a believer of things that go bump in the night, but a visit to Savannah, Georgia, just might give you a new perspective on their many ghostly friends. The Kehoe house is a famous bed and breakfast that offers a little something extra for free, haunted rooms. The Hampton-Lillibridge home was considered beyond haunted to the point of being infested by apparitions, so much so in fact that an actual exorcism had to be performed. Savannah offers regular ghostly tours and its lush historical district with displayed ironworks and colonial style homes only add to the city’s ambiance and it is considered the most haunted city in America.

Chicago, Illinois

If you happen to be traveling through Chicago, Illinois, you may want to avoid picking up female hitchhikers wearing white party dresses and dancing shoes. Many men have been fooled by this beautiful blond lady that requests a ride home only to be led to Resurrection cemetery where she simply vanishes. The young woman is believed to be the ghost of Mary Brgovy and she has been seen by dozens of passersby traveling on the lonely road that Mary frequently haunts. Allerton Park houses a haunted mansion with beautiful gardens and a permanent houseguest. A woman in white haunts the house and the grounds. She is often seen walking in the garden and visitors claim to hear footsteps in the mansion of what appears to be a lady pacing. Chicago has many haunted cemeteries and some are neglected and forgotten. The Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery is considered amongst one of Chicago’s most haunted spots. It is likely to see a ghost car or one of the many apparitions that have made this cemetery their home. Chicago has many haunted mansions and famous documented haunting locations for tourists to enjoy.

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

You wouldn’t expect to run into a Civil War soldier while out and about, but if you are visiting Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, then the chances of this occurring are more then likely. If you don’t get the chance for this kind of ghostly encounter while shopping or dining, then a Candlelight tour through some of Gettysburg’s most haunted sites just might do the trick. Many of the beautiful hotels are reported as haunted by restless ghosts who walk