Haunted Cemeteries Of America

Haunted Cemeteries Of America
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April 28, 2010

Oak Hill Cemetery in Battle Creek, Michigan was established in 1844 and is over 160 years old. A lot of famous people have found their final resting place here such as Sojourner Truth, C. W. Post, W. K. Kellogg and his brother John Harvey Kellogg, Bill Knapp, Ellen and James White, founders of the Seventh Day Adventist Church and others. However the topic of this passage is not about those below ground but of a beautiful statue of a Greek goddess at the gravesite of Johannes Decker referred to as Crying Mary and well known by the people of Battle Creek.

The legend of Crying Mary is that every Sunday at midnight the statue cries. People have claimed to have seen this and have also felt her tears. This has been happening since the 1940s.

Some other strange things to happen here is that at night while driving by a weird man has been seen walking through the cemetery with a lantern. There are those who say he was the old caretaker and refuses to leave. There is a feeling of being followed as one walks through this cemetery.

Stull Cemetery in Kansas City, Kansas has the legend of being the final resting place of a devil child. Local residents have named the place the Gates of Hell and there are those who believe that this cemetery is one of the 7 gateways to Hell. Legend has it that a 17 year old boy who died of typhoid in the 1890s materializes as a werewolf and hides in the trees in the old cemetery. There are reports that Satanists conduct rituals here and evil presences materialize during the spring and fall equinoxes. An old spooky church that stood in the cemetery was mysteriously leveled in 2002 with no permission given to level it and no one is quite sure what happened. It does make one wonder.

Family and friends of the people buried here say the spirits talk, act and behave exactly as they did when they were alive. This is the Union Cemetery in Easton, Connecticut. It is also the home of the White Lady, who has been seen over 50 years. She’s always seen wearing a white nightgown. She usually appears on the roadway along Route 59 or sometimes 111. People have reported hitting her with their cars because she appears out of nowhere but there is never any damage and the vehicles have just passed through the apparition.

Another spirit who resides here is known as Red Eyes. A person going by caught a glimpse of a pair of red eyes peering at him through the darkness. Some people believe that this is the spirit of Earle Kellogg who was killed across the street from the cemetery or perhaps another man who through EVP (electronic voice phenomena) said he was killed by a drunken driver. People have reported taking pictures of orbs, light rods and ectoplasmic mists.

The Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery in Midlothian, Illinois has not had any burials since 1965. It has become overgrown and in disrepair. On this small acre of land more than a 100 occurrences of paranormal activity have been reported. It was named Bachelor’s Grove because a lot of single men have been buried here.

One of the most prominent ghosts is known as the White Lady, the Madonna of Bachelor’s Grove and as Mrs. Rogers. This spirit appears only when the moon is full. She is believed to be a woman buried in a grave next to her young son. She’s seen wearing a flowing ivory gown and sometimes appears holding a phantom infant who wails silently.

Other apparitions seen here include a horrible two headed man who no one can identify. A theory is that he might have been a victim of someone killed n the late 1920s when this site was a dumping place of Chicago mobsters. Their spirits are said to appear as humanoid phantoms or amorphous globes of light. They were most likely murdered for crossing the Mob and most of these unfortunate souls were dumped into the lagoon near the cemetery during the 1920s.

A ghostly farmer with his horse and plow has been seen many times. The farmer died in the 1870s when his horse suddenly bolted into the water taking along with him the farmer and the plow. They can now be seen as ghostly visions working the land at night. A weird ghostly farmhouse along with a white picket fence appeared on several occasions in the 1950s. It is said that the phantom house rose from the mist and wavered for several minutes and then disappeared.

Strange blue lights can be seen dancing from tombstone to tombstone. A skeptical investigator encountered the yellow glowing apparition of a man. The apparition lasted only a few seconds but afterwards there was a display of darting red lights. The most eerie and dangerous apparitions at Bachelor’s Grove are the phantom cars. Ghostly cars and trucks have materialized racing around the roads surrounding the cemetery and have been known to run other motorists from the road.

The Old Western Burial Ground near Baltimore, Maryland is also known as the Presbyterian Churchyard. In this cemetery a number of notable figures are buried such as Edgar Allen Poe, the direct descendant of Francis Scott Key and several popular generals that served in well known wars as the War of 1812. At this cemetery strange occurrences have been noted.

It is believed that among the graves at the Old Western wanders the spirit of the ever-popular author Edgar Allen Poe. While traveling through this area which a good part of his life he called home Poe died unexpectedly. He had been on his way to visit his true love and her mother and his death could not be explained. His spirit has been seen in various places around the graveyard and at the church here.

Buried here is also the ever popular "Skull of Cambridge". It’s said to be the skull of a minister that was murdered. It’s believed that the skull was taken and placed in a segment of cement to block out the sounds of screams that seemed to emerge from it. The skull apparently screams at all times of the day and seems to linger in the minds of those that hear it on a constant basis. Many people have been severely frightened by this particular haunting and it has been said that several people experienced insanity and were place in psychiatric wards after having been exposed to it for a prolonged time.