Haunted Places In America: Bachelors Grove Cemetery

Haunted Places In America: Bachelors Grove Cemetery
February 17, 2010

If you are seeking a place that has been claimed by the occult and abandoned since the 1960s than perhaps you should visit the Bachelors Grove Cemetery in Illinois. It has been said that the events that have been known to occur at the cemetery occur because of the various groups of people that have performed occult and satanic rituals at the cemetery which is home to overturned gravestones and over one hundred accounts of strange occurrences happening in the cemetery and the surrounding areas.

What kinds of happenings have occurred in the cemetery? Lights at night are only one the phenomena that have been known in this cemetery, which has origins from the 1800s. There has even been talk of a house that is visible to some people that seem to vanish in the mist. Has this house ever really been there, or are people seeing an apparition of what used to be? There are countless photos of the lights that people see during the night which can resemble blue balls of light floating and beaming around the gravestones.

There are many activities that have been associated with the occult that occur at the cemetery. It has been said that there are often bodies of chickens, cats and other animals that have been slaughtered or sacrificed at the site of the cemetery. Combine this with the fact that visitors can often see inscriptions on the trees, in gravestones and on the grass and it is obvious that this site has become a hot spot for those wanting to experience a little of the dark side. Could this be the reason that the graveyard has been full of experiences that include ghostly experiences?

Visitors to the cemetery have experienced an eerie aura that comes with walking through the rows of broken tombstones and dug-up graves. Apparently, these cemetery markers and grave stones have been known to move about on their own – however it has not been demonstrated if these legends are real – as there are many vandals that could claim to complete this kind of behavior.

The dug up graves can be enough to cause paranormal activity in the area as the spirits have been said to resent those that that have disturbed their resting place. Vandals have been digging up the graves for years in hope to find some souvenirs and treasures of the person that has been buried.

The lake that is located adjacent to the cemetery has been said to have a glowing aura at night. The algae that coat the top of the lake seems to hide everything that is said to be under the water! Apparently, in the sixties there have been bodies dumped into the algae covered lake by the mafia, looking for a place to hide the bodies of those that betrayed them. The water has also been the site of many apparitions that claim to pull a horse and carriage into the water. Although, it looks like you will have to visit at night to see for yourself!