Illinois Most Haunted: Bachelor's Grove Cemetery

Illinois Most Haunted: Bachelor's Grove Cemetery
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December 4, 2007

In Chicago, Illinois, sits an inconspicuous little cemetery. This little cemetery is abandoned by all living people. According to local legend though, this small cemetery is haunted by numerous ghosts.

Bachelor's Grove Cemetery in Chicago has been open since at least 1844, when a group of farmers in the area settled the cemetery. The last known burial was in 1989, and its been abandoned ever since. In the Midwest it isn't surprising to see small abandoned cemeteries. A combination of urban sprawl, and settlers fleeing the city have led to many cemeteries being abandoned. In the case of Bachelor's Grove Cemetery, most of the stories of its hauntings have only been around since the 1970s.

Until the late 1960s, the main road leading to Bachelor's Grove Cemetery was a part of the turnpike running through the city. Once the road was closed, and traffic rerouted, stories of the cemetery began to grow. The peaceful yet isolated location became known as a place where couples could find some privacy. Some of the stories seem to trace back to things young men would tell their girlfriends while parking there.

What is surprising about Bachelor's Grove Cemetery is that the area has had very few preservation attempts during its history. There have been countless cases of vandalism to the cemetery, resulting in the loss of over 150 separate tombstones. Several bodies have also been removed, making it difficult for anyone to know the number of people buried there.

One of the biggest stories about Bachelor's Grove Cemetery involves the Fulton family plot. Rumors of a baby have led many visitors to the cemetery to leave behind presents for the deceased youngster, and some claim to have seen the baby's mother walking through the cemetery. Other rumors revolve around a satanic cult that supposedly practices the dark arts inside the cemetery remains.

In 1991 a visitor to Bachelor's Grove left with photographic evidence of a haunting at the cemetery. The visitor snapped a photograph that later showed a woman dressed in white that was not there when the picture was taken. This picture has been showed dozens of times across the world as proof that ghosts exist. Oddly enough, no one seems to have taken a guess at who the woman was while alive.

This woman is by far not the only ghost rumored to haunt the cemetery. Bachelor's Grove is also home to a young woman sometimes seen walking through the cemetery, holding a baby. Others claim to have seen a man using a plow, being pulled towards a pond. Oddly enough the pond at Bachelor's Grove was rumored to be a dump spot for Chicago mobsters. Another story that circulates the cemetery is the ghost not of a person, but of a house. Some who have parked and walked to the cemetery claim to have seen a house in the woods. When they try to get closer, the house mysteriously disappears. Others claim to have seen ghostly lights in the cemetery, and what looks like red lights bouncing in the woods. Adding to the oddness are the stories people tell of seeing a man with two heads walking in the woods outside of the cemetery. There are also stories told of transparent cars moving in the area around Bachelor's Grove.

Today Bachelor's Grove Cemetery has only twenty remaining tombstones, a chain link fence, and dozens of legends associated with it. It still remains a favorite spot for young couples, and ghost hunters who hope to see some of the spirits rumored to dwell there.