Learn More About Bachelors Grove Cemetery: Are The Stories True?

Learn More About Bachelors Grove Cemetery: Are The Stories True?
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David C.

If you like to be scared, what better place than in a cemetery…a haunted one.

Bachelor's Grove Cemetery is legend among haunted places. Ghostly apparitions, paranormal activities, mysterious things appearing and disappearing right before your eyes have all been reported. The murky waters of the pond on the property hold mysteries of their own.

This cemetery, from the 1800's era has been abandoned and inactive since 1965. Toppled tombstones lend way to satanic cults and occultist groups sneaking in and performing rituals and ceremonies, only adding to the mystery and dark aura surrounding this place.

Of the estimated 200 tombstones that were at one time in the cemetery, due to vandalism, only about 20 remain, and those are the ones that are too heavy to be moved. In addition to tombstones being vandalized, many graves were dug up, hence believed to release may spirits.

The largest and most popular gravestone is from the Fulton family name. One of the infant children of the Fultons is buried there and the grave is scattered with trinkets that visitors have left behind for the infant. It is known that satanic rituals have been performed at this location which has enhanced the legends of hauntings and ghosts.
It's not uncommon for visitors to Bachelor's Grove to report seeing colored lights or balls of lights floating; to hear voices of young men and women.

Is the legend of Bachelor's Grove Cemetery just tall tales? Is it simply storytelling among locals that's grown over the years or is there really something more, something paranormal happening here?

If you dare visit, be forewarned. You may return with a curse. Legend has it that anyone who steps foot on the grounds of the cemetery will leave with a curse. Days or weeks that follow result in loss or tragedy. Again, is this simply local folklore or is there some truth behind it?

Bachelor's Grove is located just outside of Chicago in the Rubio Woods Forest Preserve on the Midlothian Turnpike. Reports of satanic rituals have enhanced the legends of hauntings and ghosts and despite rumors that ghosts and hauntings really don't exist there, there is photographic evidence and first hand accounts of paranormal activity are cause for more extensive investigations into the enigma that persists about the cemetery.

You can read more about the Bachelors Grove cemetery and Bachelors Grove Stories at their website http://www.bachelorsgrove.com/ and decide for yourself if its one of the most haunted places in America.