Odd Anomaly Photo Taken In Chicago's Notorious Bachelor's Grove Cemetery

Odd Anomaly Photo Taken In Chicago's Notorious Bachelor's Grove Cemetery
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ARTICLE CORRECTION/NOTATION: Clarence Fulton is not buried at Bachelors Grove cemetery.

This odd photo from Chicago’s notorious Bachelor’s Grove cemetery was taken in April, 2009, at 10:30 pm by Nina Jankowski, a member of the Chicago Ghost Hunters Group.

According to Nina, she was standing by the tombstone of Charles B. Shields in Lot 17 looking east when she started to feel somewhat light-headed. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw something that looked like a shadow person run past her. That’s when she snapped the photo and caught this anomaly. Bill Morton, founder of Chicago Ghost Hunters Group, and others later examined the photo and were unable to find a logical explanation for it.

The figure in the photo is actually touching the nearby tombstone of the late Clarence Fulton, the last caretaker of Bachelor’s Grove. Other Fulton family members, including pioneer ancestors, are also buried here.

Nina explained the conditions the night the photo was taken. “It was during a full moon phase, around 40 degrees, with wind speed of 10.4 knots, and no precipitation,” she said. “Once I started feeling dizzy, it was almost as though I was somehow surrounded and being guided to take this photo. When I grabbed my digital camera, I noticed that it was turning on/off by itself and it was on a different setting than the one I had chosen earlier.”

Bachelor’s Gove is a small, abandoned cemetery with graves dating from the 1840s, located in the Rubio Woods Forest Preserve on the Midlothian Turnpike in suburban Chicago. It is notorious for ghost sightings, including reports of glowing balls of light, fully body apparitions, moaning sounds, and other unexplained noises. The “haunted” pond is said to have been used by Al Capone and his minions as a dumping ground for bodies during the gangster era.