Paranormal 101 – Why Do Ghosts Exist?

Paranormal 101 – Why Do Ghosts Exist?
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April 6, 2010

Now, why do ghosts exist? There’s countless of theories floating about on the internet and in books. If you look at every website they’re pretty much the same. However, we have a different out look on why ghosts possibly exist.

Ghosts – basically mean a soul or a person’s spirit which is bound to the earth for some reason. The reason may be because they left a love one, maybe they feel more comfortable where they use to live. Take for example, you built your dream house. It took you several years and when you were done, you felt great and high on life. The comfort you felt when you walked in the doors of your newly built home was refreshing and relaxing. All of a sudden, you got chronically ill and was bed sick for weeks, then later you died. Now, remember that relaxing and refreshing experience you’ve had. It almost felt like Heaven, right? Well, you as a spirit may want to still linger on in that home just to make sure it’s safe.

Does that help you understand one of the possibilities of why ghosts may linger on? Well, let’s go into more detail.

Ghosts may stay on earth because of these following reasons:

1 They’re attached to a person, object or anything that made them feel happy.

2 They’re trying to watch over their loved ones and to make sure their safe. For instance a mother may wish to watch over her children after she passed away all of a sudden.

3 Warn someone or tell someone an important message. For instance like in the movie Ghost with Patrick Swayze, he lingered on to solve his murder. When he was done he went to his higher place.

4 Possibly emotionally bound on a specific place. For example, bachelors grove cemetery in Illinois use to be a picnic park and they use to swim in the lagoon. Some spirits linger there because it use to be relaxing at that time.

As you can see, there’s unlimited of reasons why ghosts exist. Now, it’s up to you of course whether you believe in ghosts or not.

Also, you may have already asked what are ghosts made up of? We don’t know exactly what they’re made out of – however, some say electrostatic or electromagnetic field. Which could be quite possible. Our bodies and everything is meade from a electromagnetic field – our body gives off an electric current. Our hearts spark an small amount of electric current as well as our brains. EMF’s surround us daily. Not only artificial current which from outlets, microwaves and such but also natural current like our hearts and such.

Ever wonder why all of a sudden you’ve received chills up along your spine? This could be a ghosts presence, which is causing ions from the EMF to make your hairs on your neck stand up. Electrostatic charge actually. Ever rub a balloon on your head and allow it to pull yoru hair up, so they’re standing up. Same principle of an ghost touching you or walking through you.

Now, since we’re made out of electromagnetic fields – so does our spirit or soul. A ghost is basically a soul left to finish unfinished business.

If you wanted to let someone know or have an important message – would you want to finish your business before you finally came to your destination of peace? I think you would.

Now, on a skeptic’s mind there is no such thing is ghosts because science can’t prove of their existence. Which is true, however – before science could even prove that the world was flat, whereby’s they sent ships across the ocean only to find the world as round. On this happy note, just because science can’t prove something has non-existence doesn’t necessary mean it simply does not exist. It just mean science has not been able to proven such a intangible theory yet.

This is where paranormal research comes in play – we strive to document everything that is paranormal and to discard what is not paranormal. Anything that can’t be explained by any means of science or what not – we determine this to be considered as paranormal. Now why do ghosts exists is only a speculation. We simply do not know the concrete answers yet. However, soon we will.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article. More articles are soon to come! :)

Thank you for reading!