Paranormal Experience - Doug & Andy Interview

Paranormal Experience - Doug & Andy Interview
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Thursday, 18 November 2010 00:25

On July 16, 2009 two visitors to the cemetery were performing Electronic Voice Phenomenon experiments near the Fulton monument. What they experienced that day may very well become the first publicly documented case of physical interaction during such an experiment out at Bachelors Grove cemetery. Although there has been at least one case of a cold spot producing unusual auditory effects, there had been no documented cases of a person being touched during an EVP session while receiving an auditory response in the process, until now.

Assuming that the Doug and Andy case is truly authentic, and there are no indications to state otherwise, does their experience provide evidence to an alternate plane of existence? There are a number of theories behind real cases of EVP so you will have to judge for yourself. But while researching many of the false legends behind Bachelors Grove cemetery this one particular case could help validate that strange events do occur within the area from time to time.

During October of 2009, both Doug and Andy returned to Bachelors Grove cemetery under the direction of the Recreational Center in order to help document their experience. Below is a short audio portion of the interview which was authorized for public release. If you wish to obtain further information about the event, as well as hear the EVP recording itself, be sure to visit the Bachelors Grove Cemetery & Settlement Research Center website.

The following video has been updated after this article was released.