The Curse Of Bachelors Grove

The Curse of Bachelors Grove
© Pete Crapia -
Friday, 12 November 2010 22:28

It has happened many times... You hear about a place called Bachelors Grove cemetery. Then one fine day your curiosity gets the better of you and finally decide to make a visit. Maybe you went alone or a few of your friends decided to tag along?

What your source didn't tell you before making your journey is that over the years people have begun to speak of a curse. A curse so terrifying that some say making a casual visit can cost you misfortune. The next day you could suffer a car accident, a job loss, or worse... something could follow you home from one of the most haunted locations in Illinois

But what would happen if you decided to bring home a small souvenir from the area? Surely nothing will come out of any of this nonsense! Unfortunately, one paranormal researcher and his wise companion found out the hard way as to what the spirits of The Grove are capable of. So lock your doors, turn off the lights, and say a word of protection as you watch the three-part series of...