You Have The Right To Remain Silent, And Anything You Say...

You have the right to remain silent, and anything you say...
Monday, 05 March 2012

ARCHIVE NOTATION: The following story is true.

After a break-up with his sweetheart Kim comes the tale of stalking and mayhem. Slashing car tires of the men he suspects she's sleeping with becomes a regular event. Pointing a gun in her face prior to one of the many break-ups between them serves as a reminder that this isn't the romance you bring home to meet the parents. If he was introduced today Kim's mother would greet him with a loaded rifle, similar to what police experienced after arriving at her home with questions about the death of Kim's late friend Mark Tilton.

The ex-boyfriend was Martin Myers, and at the age of forty-three Marty lived a few minutes from Bachelors Grove cemetery. In 1989 his alcoholic antics spun a chain of events that eventually lead to the investigation of his own demise upon one of the more popular paranormal training grounds in America.

"We were at the 'Grove 5' which is a bar... We were having some drinks and Marty was getting pretty drunk when this guy walked in...", John recanted to police. Afterwords, Marty and Kim's new boyfriend Mark take on a short-lived brawl. "I'm not going to get this drunk again, he and I will meet again.", as Marty slurred to his friend John on the ride back home.

Five days later the defeated Marty throws back a few shots of Southern Comfort and Mountain Dew for breakfast just before John wakes up from an overnight visit. Around 2:00 p.m. they leave in Marty's blue '77 Dodge Ram Charger and find their way back near Willow Springs. There he is, Mark Tilton is walking the white line on the edge of Kean Avenue. It wasn't hard for them to figure out that Tilton was on his way to what they called the "Grove." They pass him by and sit in the Grove parking lot while throwing down a few drinks they brought from the house.

As they sit there drinking and waiting, Marty grows impatient and pulls back out onto Kean Avenue. With Tilton only a block away from the bar Marty passes him by and pulls a u-turn within a residential area. "I didn't see the actual impact or what happened with the body... I covered my head and bent over...", as John recalled in his confession to police. Marty, the same man that used to brag to his friends that he could get away with murder, is eventually arrested and released pending a trial he never lives to see.

To be continued....