Internet Relay Chat

The original Bachelors Grove chat room which was hosted at had Sunday evening gatherings. The new Bachelors Grove IRC Network now has 24 hour availability.

Internet Relay Chat, otherwise known as IRC, is the original way to communicate with others around the world. You can think of it as a type of chat room where everyone joins in on a discussion. Private forms of communication and file sharing are also possible. IRC is considered one of the most reliable forms of communication on the Internet.

The Bachelors Grove IRC Network is a public network hosted on a dedicated server. The system consists of a Linux operating system running InspIRCd with two 3GHz Intel Xeon processors and 8GB of RAM.

Bachelors Grove IRC Network
Port: 6667
For encrypted and secure connections use alternate SSL Port: 6697

How do you connect to the network? You need an IRC Client which can be run on your phone or home computer. Simply enter the address and port number information provided above and choose what ever nickname you feel like using. You may also try using a free online client hosted at which is a web browser based option.

All users may stay connected for as long as they wish. The system will not time-out and disconnect you for inactivity. Using third-party services such as will disconnect you after two hours of inactivity. It is always best to run your own IRC Client for unrestricted access to the Bachelors Grove IRC Network.

Basic Commands

So you downloaded an IRC client to your phone, tablet or computer and entered in the basic web address and port number? After you connect to the server you should automatically be placed into the #cemetery channel (chat room). If not, here are some simple commands to get you started.

Join a channel -
To talk on a Channel you need to Join it. Type the following command to join the #cemetery channel:

/Join #cemetery

Choose a nickname -
Don't like the nickname you have? Type the following command to change it:

/Nick ghost
(Substitute the word ghost for your choice of nickname. Do not use spaces, make it a full word)

Register a nickname -
Do you want to keep your nickname and prevent others from using it? You need to register it by sending a Message to the Nickserv registration assistant. Type the following command to register your nickname after using the Nick command mentioned above:

/Msg Nickserv Register password emailaddress
(Substitute password for your chosen password and substitute emailaddress with your full email@address. This registration process will use your currently chosen nickname so there is no need to tell the system what nickname to register.)

Need further help registering a nickname? Use the following command and the system will issue some help for you:

/Msg Nickserv Help

Talking on a channel -
Just start typing and press Enter on your keyboard or other appropriate button on your phone or tablet. There are more options and commands that can be used on the Bachelors Grove IRC Network but the above information is all you need to get started.

Want to learn more about IRC? Try