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Bachelors Grove Cemetery - Trail Maps

The Bachelors Grove Cemetery Trail Maps were created by Pete Crapia, founder of the Bachelors Grove Cemetery & Settlement Recreational Center which was hosted at

A trail map was one of the most requested items by the general public. A lot of effort was given to its creation and helped serve as a way to offset some of the financial burden for the Grove Restoration ProjectAfter the GRP retired its operations it was released free of charge with no expectations of an update. The maps sold for $5 via PDF download with the latest update occurring in 2011.

The maps were created with a Garmin eTrex Legend and importing the data into ArcGIS with assistance from the Department of Natural Resources DNR Garmin extension. Total completion time varied, but the ground work took about 1 month, with historical information being added over time.

In 2017 a new version of the map based upon Google Maps began development. Although still unfinished, it offers many new features such as photographs, videos, additional trails and the ability to guide yourself in real-time via GPS when using a mobile phone or tablet computer.

The following banner was once used during distribution of the trail maps.