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Illinois Miscellaneous Genealogical Records

Illinois Miscellaneous Genealogical Records
D.A.R. Publications - 1946

ARCHIVE NOTATION: This cemetery is in reference to the "other" Bachelors Grove cemetery located at 159th Street and Oak Park Avenue.

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By Kim Torp

This map appears to have been originally drafted in 1933 by the G.A.R. and their "Committee on Cemeteries." I found it published in the 1946 D.A.R. publication, "Illinois Miscellaneous Genealogical Records." I've cleaned it up a bit and redid all the numbers, but it was pretty tough to read and I won't swear that I got all the numbers in the same place that the author originally intended.

1) Some of the cemeteries may have changed their name since this map was first done.
2) Street names may have been changed since this map was done.
3) Actual street locations may have changed since this map was done.
4) The original author may have made cemetery-location errors (it happens to the best of us!).
5) Some cemeteries may have disappeared since this map was done.

104 - Bachelors Grove - Ridgeland Avenue & 159th