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Indian Trail Map

The following is an Indian trail map of 1804 by Albert F Scharf. As you will see, a portion of the trail system back then passed directly by the not-yet-developed Batchelors Grove cemetery. The main "trail" that is currently used today by visitors to the cemetery was not only a part of the old Midlothian Turnpike that is now closed to vehicle traffic, but was originally a trail used by Indian tribes and other settlers of the area.

Notice the name "Goesel" right above the large letter "K." This area was once known as Goeselville. If you follow that trail to the right which is partially marked by "Goesel" you will find a section that splits into two different trails. The section that splits off is the general area where Batchelors Grove cemetery is located. Do note that according to the earliest records found for the cemetery, the cemetery itself was not yet established at this time.

Visit the Wilmette Library website for the full version of this map.