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1749 German Bible

Midlothian Messenger
July 13, 2000

Herman Maihoff, 86, of Midlothian visited the Midlothian Historical Society recently to show a 1749 German Bible found in 1912 among the rafters when his father remodeled their home in Tinley Park.

The Bible is so fragile he had to treat it gingerly and clip the pages with a clothespin to keep it open without damaging the pages.

Maihoff was born to William and Elizabeth Maihoff and was raised in Tinley Park where he attended Lutheran and public schools. His father died when Herman was only 14.

Maihoff said a grandfather, unknown to him, built the house his father was born in at 175th and Cicero Ave. His father worked at the oak Forest Infirmary for 11 years and was also an assessor.

Herman moved to Midlothian in 1950. He shared some memories, the farm where Our Lady of Sorrows Convent now stands; when mail came to 147th and Oak Park Ave. and carriers were on horseback; one neighbor traded horses; the farmers on 147th and Central were named Kreis and Schultz, who lived behind him and he went to school with them; a house near the cemetery where a lady lived, but he could not remember her name. He also remembered people digging up the graves in the old cemetery and the big dance hall at Bachelor’s Grove.

Herman Maihoff lives near the Historical Society in the 14600 block of Springfield Ave. He lost his lovely wife, Eleanor, but has two daughters, Shirlee in Alabama and Nancy in Delaware.