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7 Seized In Grave Digging

7 Seized In Grave Digging
Chicago Tribune
September 14, 1973

Credit to David Berault for sending in this material.

Sheriff's police seized seven teen-agers, Wednesday night in Bachelors Grove Cemetery, 143rd Street and Ridgeland Avenue. The police said youths were there to complete digging up a grave.

Sgt. Lawrance Evans and Juvenile Officer James Houlihan, staked out the gravesite after a squad car on patrol late Tuesday night noticed that about five feet of earth had been removed from the grave. The policemen said youths arrived Wednesday night, got out, and prepared to resume digging when the policemen announced themselves. the youths told police they were doing it "as a lark."

Lawrance R Durkin, 17, of 7844 S. Parkside Av., Burbank, and Donald A. Hyzynski, 17, of 1713 S. Central Av., Burbank,, were charged with destroying a tomb. They were released in $1,000 bonds for appearance Oct. 19 in Oak Lawn Court.