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Action Express

Action Express
Chicago Tribune
March 7, 1973
Page A1

Credit to Matt Galik of Mokena, Illinois for sending in this material.

Q - Do you have any information about Bachelor's Grove cemetery? I've heard weird stories about that place. Could you tell me who owns it and when it was founded? - James P., Evergreen Park

A - That cemetery is a good place to steer clear of if you're superstitious. Located in the Tinley Creek Forest Preserve, around 143rd Street and Ridgeland Avenue near Oak Forest, the cemetery is the subject of all sorts of rumors and conjectures. Reports of strange lights, ghostly goings-on, and grisly killings have been related, but all are unsubstantiated. It contains about a dozen graves, many of which have been dug up by vandals. Bachelor's Grove got its name because in 1833 a group of single men bought tracts in the wooded area, purportedly to do some trapping and hunting. The tombstones bear dates from the 1860s thru the first two decades of this century.