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Action Line

Action Line
Chicago Tribune
June, 8, 1978
Page B1

Credit to Matt Galik of Mokena, Illinois for sending in this material.

Q - My granddaughter came home from school with a tale of a "haunted" cemetery called Bachelor Grove where you see a house and there is no house and where a young lady in her robe is looking for a ride. We finally found it at about 135th Street and Central Avenue. The road is closed to cars, so you must walk a quarter mile. All we saw was a small cemetery fenced and locked. We saw no disappearing house or robed young woman, only a few teens looking as we were. How did these legends get started? - Walter Herbarg, Calumet City

A - Bachelor Grove is a graveyard in an out-of-the-way place, and one could expect it to become the target of legends and teen-age sightseers. It also is a cemetery and contains the graves of people whose relatives do not appreciate it being promoted as a spook-house. The "robed young woman" tale would seem to be yet another version of the "Resurrection Mary" story of the young woman who came back from the dead for one last night of dancing. Supposedly, she asked the young men who danced with her to take her back to Resurrection Cemetery.