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Bachelors Grove

Bachelors Grove
1941 - Unknown Newspaper

Bachelors Grove

Mr. E. Lieder, Prop.


Beer from the Barrel to the Pitcher to you. They use the Kooler-Keg System.

Dance to the Music of the Native Hawaiians.

Located at 145th Street and Oak Park Avenue, Tinley Park, is one of the Bright Spots of this part of the State. Under the personal direction of Mr. Lieder who offers the Bachelor's Grove as his interpretation of a Pleasant Evening. Tel. 15-R1

One of the brightest spots in and about Tinley Park for food, dancing, and entertainment is Lieder's cafe as there you will find the perfect combination of all three.

When the appetite loses its edge and life becomes a monotony, and when the commonplace ceases to amuse, just step on the gas and drive to Bachelor Grove for Food and a Sip and you will realize that they have prepared something novel in the entertainment and cafe life of the period.

Their foods are all deliciously prepared, their drinks are deftly mixed by skilled bartenders with the best of liquors used and all, in all their food and drink would satisfy the most exacting gourmet.

Music and dancing enliven the evening and all forget the trouble and worries of the day---go home refreshed and are all the more ready for the conquests of the morrow.

It's smart to be seen at this place, and in addition you will find the choicest wines, liquors, highballs, cocktails and other mixed drinks, cordial hospitality, perfect dance music and high class entertainment.

Mr. Lieder welcomes everyone to his Bachelor Grove. There is no cover charge here and you are offered responsible prices while securing just what you want in the way of Food and liquors and spending what money you desire.

You will find plenty of room to park your car where it will be in perfect safety while you are enjoying yourself.

We are pleased to point to Bachelor Grove as a place where you will chase the blues away---where you will find the Manager, as well as all his employees, very, congenial people and the pleasant interior atmosphere makes you feel like "HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN".

Article extracted from display case at the Tinley Park Historical Society, Tinley Park, Illinois.