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County Will Close Road In Preserve

County Will Close Road In Preserve
Daily Southtown
December 1, 1994
Steve Boman

Credit to Brad L. Bettenhausen of Tinley Park, Illinois for sending in this material.

Bachelors Grove Road - a milelong southwest suburban shortcut and a haunt of teenage drag racers - will be closed for good today.

The Cook County Forest Preserve District will find itself with additional land when it inherits the road from the county highway department.

Bachelor Grove Road runs from 135th to 143rd streets through the Tinley Creek Forest Preserve. It runs parallel to and between Harlem and Ridgeland avenues. No one lives on the road.

"The traffic volume is very low," Monte Chen, division supervisor of the Cook County Highway Department, said. "To maintain a road like this doesn't make a whole lot of sense."

The two-lane road dates back at least to the 1920s, Chen said. Some motorists use Bachelor Grove Road to avoid busier Harlem Avenue, he said, adding bicyclists enjoyed the isolation, but so did high-octane teenagers.

"Sometimes teenagers - use it for drag racing and things like that," Chen said.

Forest preserve workers over the winter will rip out the asphalt and return the roadbed to its natural state.