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Jackson Library Investigates Paranormal Phenomenon

Jackson Library Investigates Paranormal Phenomenon
The Jackson Times - Jackson, NJ USA
October 4, 2008

JACKSON - What are ghosts and how does one investigate paranormal phenomenon? See pictures of ghosts and hear ghost voices. Learn about key haunted sites in New Jersey. L'Aura L. Hladik, founder and director of the New Jersey Ghost Hunters Society, has been ghost hunting since 1993. Her interest in the paranormal goes back to her own childhood experiences living in a haunted house. She has traveled to famous haunted sites, such as The Myrtles Plantation in Louisiana and Beardsley Castle in New York. She has explored New Orleans, LA; Bachelor's Grove and Resurrection Cemetery in Chicago, IL and sites in Savannah, GA. Ms. Hladik has appeared on local television and radio shows and has recently published a book.

She will be at Jackson Library on October 30 at 7 p.m. This exciting program is free and open to the public. Registration is required and begins October 16. Please register in person, by calling 732-928-4400 or online at