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Police Probe Desecration Of Cemetery

Police Probe Desecration Of Cemetery
Chicago Tribune
April 19, 1965
Page C8

Credit to Matt Galik of Mokena, Illinois for sending in this material.

Homewood sheriff's police began an investigation yesterday of desecration of graves in Bachelor's Grove cemetery, just south of 143rd street near Midlothian turnpike in Bremen township.

Sheriff's Deputy Howard Vanick discovered that a fire had been built in the cemetery early yesterday. A coffin handle and hinge were found in the ashes. Nearby, in-freshly turned soil, a coffin was found about four inches below the surface. Witnesses told police that youths were digging in the cemetery late Saturday and early Saturday.
The cemetery, which adjoins Bachelor's Grove forest preserve is periodically visited by gangs of high school students from thruout the county, police said.

The following radio show includes an eyewitness to the events in this newspaper article.

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October 10, 1982
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Credit to Dale Kaczmarek of the Ghost Research Society for sending in this material.