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Rangers Balked At Grave Escape

Rangers Balked At Grave Escape
Suburban Tribune
July 6, 1977
Tom McNamee

Credit to Brad L. Bettenhausen of Tinley Park, Illinois for sending in this material.

THE MOON wasn't out that night.

That kept the werewolves away, no doubt, but it put a crimp in the evening as far as the forest rangers who patrol the Bachelors Grove Cemetery were concerned.

Terry Johnson, 25, home on leave from the Army a couple of years ago, was partying with his "partners" out in the middle of the infamous cemetery.

IT WAS ALMOST too dark to see the tilting of their quickly emptying beer cans.
"Dennis and Ronnie and me used to go out to Bachelors Grove every so often and one night we were partying when the forest rangers started going after us," Johnson remembered.

"So we all just hid out, behind trees and whatever. Dennis jumped into an old dug up grave," Johnson said. "It was like hide-and-go-seek. The rangers came and got us all. They walked around and called us out. They found all of us - except Dennie."

"THERE WERE these three forest rangers and they got us up against the trees and wanted one of us to go back in and find Dennis.

"They said, 'We ain't goin' in there,' " Johnson said. "And we said we weren't goin' in there, either."

THE RANGERS knew they were beat. It's scary in Bachelor Grove at night.

So the rangers emptied the beer cans, ordered Terry and Ronnie to leave the cemetery, and left quickly without waiting to see if the two would follow.

"Then Dennis came out and found us. He just wandered back in," Johnson said. "Dennis is sort of strange. He's been hit on the head a few times."