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The Uninvited Chicago's Ghosts Range From Alter Boys to Dillinger

Chicago Sun-Times
October 30, 1992
Celeste Busk

Credit to Dale Kaczmarek of the Ghost Research Society for sending in this material.

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October 30 1992

The image below was scanned from a photograph that was printed from the original negative.

Provided by Kevin Watson of Illinois.

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Follow-up investigation on August 10, 1991

GRS members present: Bill & Rochelle Zaszczurynski, Michelle Bradford, Howard Heim, Judy & Mari Huff, Paulette Stanek, Roman Klepczarek and Dale Kaczmarek.

Experiment: All participants were given a crude map of the cemetery with a predetermined route for each of them to follow. Each team was equipped with a clipboard and a transparency covering the map and were instructed to mark with grease pencils anywhere they have any paranormal activity or psychic feelings or if any of their equipment went off. Below is their impressions.

Bachelor’s Grove Field Excursion Impressions by members

Rochelle Zaszczurynski:

1:58pm – Hageman, felt vibrations, energy pulling from left of me. Something on top of fence line following me. Reached Newman, no more vibrations.

2:02pm – Deck, suddenly still and peaceful.

Bill Zaszczurynski:

#1 Feeling of anxiety, being watched and followed

#2 Slight humming feeling and sound, confusion, dizzy

#3 Light-headed feeling, same as #2 but weaker.

In general a feeling of being followed (this started before the next person started walking) and watched. This was very strong at the south fence-line near Hageman and Foskett. In the past on other trips, but here sensed a large object at southwest corner.

Michelle Bradford:

#5 As I looked across the lagoon, felt as if someone was watching me. Walking through the cemetery in general, felt as if someone was watching or following me, but it was really strong by the lagoon like someone was in or by the water watching me. Felt anger. Whomever was watching me was really angry.

Mari Huff:

#1 Strange feeling like being watched and a buzz

#2 Strange buzzy feeling

#3 Buzz.

Jude Huff:

#1 Before Fulton, coldish temperature in the sun

#2 Pulling feeling by stone next to Deck

#3 Heavy pulling feeling by Moss area, depressive feelings

#5 Cold area down main strip.

Paulette Stanek:

#1 Sweet smell

#2 Sweet smell floral & buzzing sound

#3 Floral

#4 Smell of cigars

#5 Cigar smell

Roman Klepczarek:

#1 Headache near Newman then just went away

#2 Patrick very cold but just might be that area.

Several members marked on their map a checkerboard tombstone that had no name on it. So later we returned to that site and others within the cemetery for additional experiments and photography sessions. One member, Judy Huff, had a 35mm camera loaded with black and white infrared film that afternoon. She snapped a picture of the vacant tombstone and saw nothing out of the ordinary until she had the film developed.

Upon first glance, the uncropped picture showed nothing at all, according to Huff but when enlarged, a clear image of a semi-transparent figure of a woman dressed in a full-length white dress can easily be seen. She is sitting serenely on the tombstone facing to the right in profile with long brown or light-colored hair. Absolutely no one was dressed in that fashion in our group that afternoon and I can attest to the fact that the tombstone was unoccupied when the picture was taken. It is truly a remarkable photograph!

Upon closer inspection, parts of the woman's body, namely her head and knee are semi-transparent where one can easily see trees and bushes through those areas again indicating that she is not a real person but a ghostly image. This picture was widely circulated in both the Chicago Sun-Time and Tribune and featured in several documentaries including on from the Discovery Channel entitled Phantom Photographs. It has been shown to photographic experts from Kodak in Rochester, New York. While some claim that the image is nothing more than a real person sitting on the tombstone because you can supposedly see the shadow cast by the person on the ground around the tombstone. Actually the entire tombstone was situated in the shadows cast by the trees that afternoon and not by a real person attempting to hoax the photograph.

Some believe this could be the ghostly "lady in white" that allegedly roams the cemetery on moonlit nights. One thing is sure, nobody can be absolutely sure who the figure is to this day. There are some theories as to who she may be but then they are only allegations.