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This Bus Go To Ghoulsville?

This Bus Go To Ghoulsville?
Chicago Tribune
November 1, 1974
Page B12
Pat Colander

Credit to Matt Galik of Mokena, Illinois for sending in this material.

When you get right down to it, the scariest part of Richard Crowe's Chicago Ghost Tour happens when the charter bus rolls past some of the city's more infamous housing projects.

The $7 journey to the center of the paranormal is frightening. The eerie stories that Crowe and his fellow narrators relate as the busloads make their appointed rounds are well-documented. But in the city of the big shoulders, top-heavy with violent crime, people became jaded about what's weird and what isn't.

Like our city, the ghost tour is heavy on the Catholicism. The bus makes four stops: Holy Family Church on the Near South Side, St. Rita Church on the Far South Side, Holy Sepulchre Cemetery further south, and Bachelor's Grove, halfway to Alabama.

Besides the four locations where tourists get a chance to stretch their legs for a closer look, there are four more tales in Crowe's story bag about meandering ghosts that haunt Lake Michigan, Archer Avenue and Marquette Road.

Crowe saves the best until last. Bachelors Grove is, perhaps, the scariest cemetery this side of Transylvania.

The haunting lasts five hours, and you'll have an appetite for the snacks that are provided. For the most part it delivers the scary goods.

Information and reservations for the ghost tour are available only by mail. You must reserve a spot because the buses are often filled. For details write Richard T. Crowe, P. O. Box 29054, Chicago 60629. No matter that Halloween is over--Crowe conducts the tour year round.